Health Benefits of Ajwa Dates

The most suitable temperature for keeping fresh date seeds is between +5 and -5 degrees Celsius. Of course, as we said, the conditions for keeping dry dates in the open environment and room temperature are available.

The most important tips for keeping date seeds

Remember not to store this nutritious seed for a long time. Because this method has a direct effect on reducing the properties and nutritional value of dates.

The longer the date seeds are stored, the less flavor they have.

Long-term storage of fresh dates causes accumulation of sap at the bottom of the container. In addition to harming the appearance of dates, this condition is effective in making it sour.

Long-term storage of dates reduces the moisture in it. After that, dark brown spots appear on the skin of the date. These heads are called sugar crystals. This condition is completely normal and can be solved with a little heat. But ignoring it will cause the dates to turn sour.

Familiarity with the principles and methods of keeping dates is essential for the long-term use of this nutritious seed. Considering that date seeds are consumed unripe, fresh and dry, you should be familiar with the most suitable storage method in each case. The best way to preserve fresh dates is to freeze them. With this method, date seeds can be used for a period of 3 years.