Is Piarom Date a Nutritious & Healthy Food?

The Piarom dates which are considered to be Iran’s national drink are popular worldwide. They are produced by Iranian Herbs and are used in almost every part of the world as a great energy boost. These dates are divided into two groups, Piaromaceous and Piaronosanthe. The Iranian Piarom dates have a brownish color and are considered to be one of the healthiest of all the dry dates. The Piarom date has a long history in the region of Iran and is used in a variety of recipes from breakfast cereals to salads and is also used as an energy drink.

The Piaromate or Piaronosanthe is a large, thick, dry skin, usually black-colored, with a narrow stem, that is found mainly in northern Iran, northern Iraq and southwestern Afghanistan. These dates ripen on the ground in late summer and ripens on the trees in winter. In Iran, these Piaromates can be found at the end of the Persian Gulf.

The main sources for Iranian Piarom dates are Akbarabad, Mohandiseen, Behmailabad and Kerman. The harvest period is from October to March. During this period, while storing them in a cold place, they will retain the original flavor and color, but it is difficult to preserve the freshness. It is during this season that you find that most people use Piaromaceous on their cooking machines, especially the rice cookers and food processors since they will retain the moisture from the inside. The cookers will require some time to warm up.

The packaging for Iranian Piarom dates is always clear and thick. It is made of plastic, glass or wood with small holes or no holes, so it cannot be damaged by air and water. The glass jars have a thin dark brown thin skin that looks like cream. These jars are called Horese. The brown color of these dates is because of the wax content and not because of the color of the skin.

Most Iranian Piarom dates come in two varieties. One variety is known as Jamieh and the other one is named Asrara. Both of these varieties are made from the Piaronosperma and Rehmannia species of palm tree. The plant is not related to any other palm tree in the world.

Most of the Iranian Piarom dates come in two varieties – dark brown thin skinned ones and light brown with red skins. These two varieties are also known as Horese. In the recent years, new types of Iranian Piarom dates have been introduced. These new varieties are different in looks and texture. Some of these have really pleasant smells. So the consumers are able to choose the best one for their use.

When the palm trees are fully ripe the date fruit gets dried up. Once the date fruits reach this stage they are not suitable for consumption. A special process must be followed to remove all the dry skin from these Piarom palm trees to make sure that the Piarom palm nuts are able to reach the stage of maturity. The harvest period for these Piarom dates starts at the middle of August and ends at the beginning of September in Iran.

There are different methods of Piarom production such as pressing, canning, drying and manufacturing of Piarom palm nuts and Piarom Date syrup. The method of packaging the Piarom palm nuts and Piarom Date syrup also differs. To help buyers understand the quality of Iranian Piarom dates the Iranian government posts the sugar content of the Piarom dates.

There are three levels of quality of the Piarom dates. The first level is the lowest grade, the second is medium grade and the highest level is the highest quality. The packaging of the Piarom dates depends on these levels. The Piarom Date syrup packaging is more expensive than that of the Piarom palm nuts. The Piarom palm nuts are more expensive due to its rich taste. The high quality Piarom dates makes it an expensive delicacy.

The Maryami dates are sold at the same low or high sugar content as the Piarom dates. There is some controversy over the Maryami dates quality. Some say that Maryami dates have a lower sugar content as compared to other varieties. Some even say that there is no difference in the taste of the Piarom and Maryami dates but when it comes to the sugar content the Maryami was found to be more refined. The Maryami was discovered to have a higher content of potassium which provides energy for the body as well as maintains a healthy blood pressure.

Most people believe that Piarom and Maryami dates are inexpensive but they actually come at an expensive price. When we talk of sugar, its natural state is very high. So when the harvesting time is good and the harvest is large, then the sugar content of the Piarom dates is very high. As such, when the harvest time comes every year, the demand for the Piarom palm is always high and they can be expensive. Due to this reason the demand for Maryami dates is also high, so when buying Maryami dates, you need to make sure that the date is of good quality.