Piarom Dates – The Natural Hawaiian Date

Piarom dates, or Piaron of the Malay alphabet, are a hardy tree which grows up to two meters tall and is native to Malaysia. It is deciduous; the leaves drop off in the autumn and the fruits start to develop in the winter. The fruits reach a density of about three pounds per square inch when fully ripe. The seeds, which are gray-black in color, contain a rich taste which is used to make a variety of deserts, pastries and snacks. Known for its medicinal properties, Piarom dates is used as a spice and in Asian cuisine is known as “bakkut” or in Malaysian, “pung”.

In olden days, Piarom dates were used in all kinds of desserts, such as ice cream, cakes, puddings, custards, ice teas and beverages. The name Piarom comes from a Malay word which means string. As mentioned, the fruit’s name is derived from the word Piarom which itself means string. In the United States, Piarom dates is commonly used in sweets, including ice cream and sorbet, and in many desserts around the world. It has been popularized by HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in the United Kingdom and in Australia as far as desserts and fruit juices are concerned.

Aside from being the national fruit of Malaysia, it is also used in Chinese and Indian cooking. A variety of seeds and the fruit’s flesh are used in Indian cooking. Piarom seeds are ground and mixed with milk and then ground again until the liquid turns out to be a thick paste. This paste is added to curries and stir fries to make them fuller and chewier.

Sometimes, the flesh of the date is used to make cookies and cakes. In Malaysia, Piarom seeds are used to make a popular drink called “Sang Islam”. It is made using dates and then flavored with salt and sugar. It is very sweet and is very popular during the Christmas holidays.

The fruits of the Piarom tree have a very sweet taste. They are very popular in tropical fruits for picking and selling. Piarom dates, when dry, can last for years. When they are picked and sold, they retain their crisp, sweet flavor and do not lose much of their nutrients.

When buying or harvesting date palms, it is important that the palms are thoroughly checked for maturity. The palms should be strong and healthy with thick stems. They should also be free of wounds and any abnormal growths. These characteristics are all used to determine if the palm will produce good quality dates. Drying times of the dates depend on several factors such as the type of equipment being used, the amount of sunlight they receive and their humidity level. Drying times vary from one date to another, depending on how delicate the skin of the palm is.