Known as ‘chocolate dates’ Maryami dates is also known as Piarom dates ,perhaps one of the most appealing semi-dried varieties of dates in the world. The dates are unique in taste and appearance and are considered one of the most costly dates and exclusive to Hajiabad.

It is the most effusive and costly variety of Iranian dates that comes from Hormozgan province in the Southern Iran. The palms are grown normally in the foothills and irrigated in the basin areas.

Historically, dates have been the principal food of the Middle East for many years past and are believed to have originated from around the Persian Gulf. It was cultivated in Mesopotamia and Egypt, during 6000 BC with archaeological proof of its farming in Eastern Arabia during 4000BC.

Because of the importance of the dates fruit particularly in Muslim countries the “dates wholesaleis considered to be one of the important sources of revenues.

In most of the Muslim countries, the breaking of fast with dates is very traditional.  This set to calm the fire of empty stomach before consuming heavier food.  In the Middle East, dates are used as a traditional substitute for sugar and are taken with tea. Traditionally it is claimed that dates can also neutralize alcohol intoxication and the seed is used as an ingredient in the traditional medicines.

The Piarom dates are quite unique and can be created using number of ingredients and elements. They are used to make different kinds of cookies, cakes and breads. If you want to try your hand at creating these products yourself, then it is advisable that you search for Piarom dates wholesale Malaysia suppliers, can help you get hold of the various ingredients and elements, in order to make the production easy and simple. This can be done easily on line, as there are multiple websites which offer this service.

The Piarom dates are of assorted types. Most of these dates are dry, heavy. The moderate dark brown semi-arid date variety is considered as the tastiest of all dry semi-arid types of date.  The Dates Wholesaler collects the dates from the area of Hormozgan, Hyrcania in Southwestern Iran. The area of Hormozgan is a very productive district and is known to harvest the best Piarom.

The Piarom skin is rather soft and a bit chewy in nature. If preserved properly, the skin will begin to turn in yellow color. Because of its high production all over Iran and for its interesting flavor the best dates wholesaler Malaysia try this dates more and more for earning resources.  It has become so popular all over the world that it has turned to be staple fruit in many of the cuisines.

Because of the hardness of fruit these dates are usually referred to as Rakka Piaroms which combines both rare and dry. The skin and the core of this Piaroms tend to be coarser than the other varieties and are very dry to taste. The ragged nature of the fruit is one of the reasons why the best dates wholesaler Malaysia always prefers this dates to turn their business flourishing.

Because of their exclusive tastes and their toughness, Piarom dates can be eaten by themselves or can be used as additive to other food items. The extremely rich in Vitamin C including other essential nutrients have made these dates as extremely popular.  The more cultivated Ras dates are reaped from the central parts of the Middle East.

If it is to be grown in a too cold region it is hard for the trees to survive. Not only that, the quality of the fruit also suffers, and finally they will become damaged consequently.  Piarom dates are extremely valuable and are therefore a good investment for Dates Wholesaler across the world particularly Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia.

The interested buyers of dates wholesale Malaysia can go for online buying as the majority of sellers do not have a physical store, so they sell online. When you make online purchase, you can easily take it home and consume it within a day.  There is lots of Piarom dates online seller, but every seller may not be trustworthy.  So it is good for you to check out as many as sellers as possible carefully before making any purchase.

To the health-conscious people, Piaroms  are extremely popular because of their healthy content of vitamin C.  But, the major problem is that these dates are not always available readily, if you do not live in a country where it doesn’t grow wild. You may find it very hard to locate them particularly when you are Dates Wholesaler. In that case you can also find the fruit in some supermarkets in your area if you know the right place.

Buying Piarom from the exporters depends upon a few considerations. It is not as easy as it appears to be. There are number of loopholes that are most often overlooked by us and we become victimized. This is because of the fact that the beginning of the internet, has made these suppliers quite easy to get their products out in the market, and this can lead the buyers like to be victimized by fraud.

Bottom line of the whole date story is to take some time to find the best dates wholesaler Malaysia when you are going to be one of the top date suppliers. Have an access to vast number of dates seller either in around your vicinity or through internet. Also, you will be able to choose between a large number of suppliers that can offer you all sorts of options and this will give you a chance to find the perfect date to buy for the achievement of your purpose.

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