What are benefits of dates with walnuts?


The attractive combination of these two nutrients has a lot of nutritional value for adults and children. This food can increase happiness in people and prevent severe fatigue. It is obvious that one of the side effects of dehydration is the occurrence of severe headaches, which can be resolved with the properties of dates and walnuts. Also, with the help of dates, walnut phosphorus is better absorbed. Some of their most important properties are mentioned below:


Hematopoiesis: the combination and simultaneous use of Kedai Kurma Shah Alam and walnuts can lead to an increase in the process of hematopoiesis in people’s bodies.

Relieving constipation: among other properties of walnuts and dates, we can mention strengthening the digestive system of the body and as a result, relieving constipation. This virtue is important since constipation can be very harmful and can be a reason for the occurrence of other diseases.

Helping to treat anemia: One of the ways to deal with anemia is to use date and walnut mixture. Since date fruits contain large amounts of iron, it can be considered as a natural supplement with a high efficiency percentage. These nutrients will also help to treat the lack of energy and reduce the feeling of fatigue. Of course, this process does not happen quickly and the fruits of its consumption should be experienced over time.

Coping with the feeling of fatigue: the presence of natural sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose in dates makes it a very suitable alternative to artificial sugars. That is why many turn to its consumption to increase their energy. Among Iranians, using the properties of dates and walnuts is widely used to increase energy and reduce fatigue along with hot drinks.

Dealing with high blood pressure: the presence of 167 mg of potassium in this composition can prevent high blood pressure. It can also be very effective in improving kidney diseases by reducing the effects of sodium in the body; Of course, the presence of magnesium in it also leads to a decrease in blood pressure.

Prevention of heart diseases: the presence of many antioxidants in dates can also be effective in reducing cholesterol. Also, the fiber in it is one of the other properties of dates and walnuts, which helps to lose weight. It is said that obesity is one of the main causes of heart diseases.

Dealing with Alzheimer’s: This compound will reduce inflammation and eliminate oxidative stress in people’s bodies. Among other properties of dates and walnuts, we can mention the reduction of brain diseases.

Helping the health of teeth: removing plaques from the surface of the teeth and strengthening its enamel can be mentioned among the countless benefits of these nutrients to maintain the health of teeth and gums in people.

Hair growth and healthy nails: consumption of walnuts and dates together leads to hair growth and increased freshness of nails. This effect of walnuts is due to the presence of biotin and vitamin B7, so it reduces the risk of hair loss. Also, obtaining shiny hair is also reported as another benefit of using these substances.